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633 Carapooee Rd
Carapooee Vic 3478

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1998 Cabernet Sauvignon

The colour here is dark red with a purple rim. Blackcurrants greet the
nose with such intensity it is almost overpowering. This cassis is also
complimented by some eucalypt, licorice, earth, cedar and dried tobacco leaf. The front palate has concentrated cassis flavours with adistinctive juicy, almost sweet flavour. The classy oak comes into play
to add to the powerful fruits and assists in the back palate with
supple, ripe tannins that seem to go forever. From low-yielding vines
this is a lovely example of the strength and subtleness of cabernet
sauvignon from the edge of the Pyrenees.

Viticultural Data

Location: Undulating foothills of the northern slopes of Pyrenees ranges in the state of Victoria, Australia
Vineyard altitude: 200 metres  (656 feet)
Average rainfall per year: 510 mm  (20 inches)
Rainfall for this growing season: 191.25 mm  (7.5 inches)
Soil Type: Red duplex red brown clays to 2 m depth
Budburst: 29th September 1997
Flowering: Late November 1997
Veraison: Late January 1998
Harvest: 24th  March 1998
Bottled: June 1999
Alcohol:  15.5 % vol