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2004 - Divine State of Origin - Cabernet

It's always unpredictable. It's always informative. And this year the Divine State of Origin was more unpredictable and informative than usual. Cabernet sauvignon was the focus - at a time when Australian cabernet sauvignon is arguably not only of a higher standard than ever but also far less appreciated than it should be. It gave the tastings and especially their results an extra bite: if cabernet quality is good but selling it is often difficult, what exactly do people like? What are consumers looking for? And judges? Are we all looking for the same things?

Which is where things get really interesting, because the State of Origin results prove one thing, and prove it beyond doubt: there is a lot more to Australian and New Zealand cabernet than just Margaret River and Coonawarra. Good cabernet, the message is clear, is coming from all quarters, and from places you'd hardly expect. The new world of wine is upon us. Anyone who is smug about their place in the cabernet wine world is in trouble.

Nothing emphasises this more than the results of the official judging-this year conducted by James Halliday (Chairman), Vanya Cullen (Cullen, WA), Phil Kearney (Willow Creek, Victo-ria), Zar Brooks (Stranger & Stranger, SA), Dan Dineen (Tower Estate, NSW) and John Hancock (Trinity Hill, New Zealand). All the wines were judged blind-at both the official and public tastings (which is what makes this event so unique, and so interesting), so no bias entered anyone's calculations. The results are pure and telling.

The Judges' Top Ten (60 wines were tasted)

lst 1998 Vidals Joseph Soler Gimblett Gravels Cabernet
2nd 2002 Villa Maria Reserve Gimblett Gravels Cab/Merlot
3rd 2002 Margan House of Certain Views Cabernet
4th 2002 Balgownie Cabernet 5th 2002 Dalwhinnie Cabernet
5th 2000 Balnaves The Tally Cabernet 6th 2002 Sacred Hill Hawkes Bay The Helmsman
6th 2002 CJ Pask Gimblett Gravels Reserve Declaration
7th 1999 Leeuwin Estate Art Series Cabernet
7th 2002 Berrys Bridge Cabernet

2004 Divine State of Origin by Campbell Mattinson.


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