"Travelling Reporter" Mercury 5 December 1894

           Situated on the bank of Carapooee Creek is the loveliest orchard imaginable having been there for 32 years.
          Entering through a wicket gate in a picket fence the flower garden is a picture and the odour of roses delicious.
          In the orchard the vines call for special notice, consisting of 2000 vines in full bearing, varieties being - Gordo Blanco; Muscat Alex; Raisin de Dame; Black Cluster; White Muscat; Black Muscat; Black St. Peter; Golden Cluster' Black Hermitage and Sweet Water.
          The list of apple trees is a long one. Mr Berry has over 60 varieties, two trees yielded 18 cases of fruit last season.
          Pear tree varieties being Marie Louise; Williams B.C; Vicar of Winkfield; L'Inconnue and Emperor. Peaches consist of Rialto; Briggs; Red May; Adams Early Crawford and Merchant Campbell.


          The Cherry trees are loaded and `Minahs' get loaded pretty often with shot.
          Varieties are Early Purple Guigne; Early Red and Early Black; Bedfords Prolific; Florence and Biggareau Napoleon.
          Apricots are Quillans Early; Mansfield Seedling; Moor Park; and Royal George.
          The plum trees bear well, the trees being Black Diamond; Early Orlean; Ponds Seedling; Golden Drop; Egg Plum; and Fotheringham Rea.
          Mammoth quince and fig trees bear well. Paper shell yield abundantly, likewise mulberries.
          The strawberries are thick while blackberries raspberries and gooseberries are growing around the fence line.
The orchard and garden are in ship shape condition.
          Potatoes do well, these are White Rose; Early York; London Market and St John's Day.


          Parsnips are Hollow Crown, Peas Yorkshire Hero and Stratagem.
          Carrots grow well and consist of Shorthorn; Intermediate and White Belgian. Onions, celery, lettuce, rhubarb and parsley all thrive.
          Bee farming is also carried on. The orchard is about 11 acres.
          Mr. Berry makes wine - Hermitage, he finds a ready sale for all his fruit and vegetables and visits St Arnaud three times a week in the fruit season.
          He relies wholly on his garden and orchard for any return.
          There may be larger orchards in Kara Kara but not another one to compete with Mr. Berry for a natty completeness of style and general all round tidiness.